Making your vision an actuality

Taking the first step to bringing your tattoo concepts to life can be intimidating, from finding an artist, to booking an appointment, obtaining a quote, preparing for a consult, and after-care. We’re here to explain Obsidian LA’s process to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling experience.

Artist Selection

Obsidian LA features multiple artists with a variety of unique styles to find the ideal match for every client. To view the portfolios, contact information, and inquire about schedule availability for each artist, follow the link below.


When trying to obtain a quote for a piece, there are several factors to take into account. Most artists will be unable to give a concrete price until after a consult has been done, as sizing, placement, detail, shading, and complexity will affect the time spent on each tattoo. However, you can inquire as to an artist’s hourly rate by contacting them directly.


Once you have found the artist you feel would best fit your concept, sending over a description of your tattoo idea will help the consult process move smoothly. Include approximate sizing, placement, and any reference or inspiration photos that will help the artist to better collaborate with your vision.


After-care is the most important part of the entire tattoo process. Proper after-care will ensure vibrancy, sharpness, longevity, and prevent infection. After your tattoo is completed, your artist will provide you with full after-care instructions. If you have any questions about the healing process, please reach out to the artist directly.


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Obsidian LA Tattoo ranks among the top tattoo studios in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles; we have a diverse group of artists with a wide range of unique tattoo styles. Our doors are open to anyone and everyone, and we can't wait to bring your vision to life.

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